Suggestion: WiB exclude bank option

I like your Worst in Bags! However, I got a lot of stuff in my bank that I use for timewalking or save for nostalgic reasons etc. I could ofc select to exclude them, but it would be neat with a setup option to “exclude items in bank”.

just piggybacking on your suggestion.

Perhaps a filter based on i-lvl or expansion for the same reason

Yeah we can look at adding other ways to exclude old gear – we added the explicit exclusion list as a “catch all” while we see what kinds of other things people might want to control it.

Would also like to throw my hat into the ring here. When Timewalking occurs, I often have the luxury of going with friends (while I’m on an alt). They graciously give me their 120 gear so I can wear it when I level cap. AMR has a really hard time with this and tries to get me to put on the gear I can’t equip.

Would be nice to be able to exclude bank and/or have it level check so it excludes the gear you can’t wear.

In general it should obey the level requirements on gear… sometimes the item data doesn’t have it though. If you post your addon export string and let me know which item does not seem to have the level requirement, I can take a look.

You can also use void storage to “hide” stuff from the optimizer.