Suggestions for Ask Mr.Robot

I have been using Mr. Robot for some time now and is my go to simulator/optimizer. (Nice to be able to sim tank specs). I have a couple of suggestions that, imo, would be wonderful improvements to the site.

—First is adding the ability to check Tufness when you run a sim on a DPS spec. I know that for a lot of DPS its not that important but for a lot of people im sure it would be useful to help find a balance between DPS and life expectancy.
—Second, in Best in Bags, it would be nice, imo, if the stat analysis graph also gave a numerical value for the suggested increase/decrease instead of just the graph with whether or not the stats are optimized or need an increase/decrease. I have been in the position several times where it would suggest an increase on one stat and a decrease on another and after switching gear to obtain the suggested increase/decrease it would suggest an increase on the stat that it just told me to decrease. Im assuming there is a threshold there somewhere (as with all the stats) and that is why the optimizer works that way, but, if it also displayed a numerical point value for the increase/decrease then it would make using it easier as far as optimizing stats.

I know that I am forgetting something but that is all for now. I really hope that maybe these features will be included in the future, and make one of the best sim/optimization sites a little better.
(Oh, might I also suggest adding a “Suggestions” box to the site or to the forum? I may have missed it if there is already one there but I couldn’t find one so decided to post here and hope that maybe somebody sees it.)

Thanks for the feedback - we read all the posts on the forum, so we don’t have any specific section for suggestions.

Adding a TUF section for DPS would be problematic right now - we don’t simulate the player taking damage in DPS sims. We’d have to set up a whole script for that with damage rules for how often you take damage. It could be done, but we don’t really have it built for that right now. There are so many things on the list that could be done with simulation which would be very cool - like simulating entire mythic+ dungeons to min/max gear for them :wink: I do agree that stamina matters for DPS specs.

The graph on BiB is something we added because people like to have a ballpark idea of what stats they should be aiming for. If you go to that “view optimal stat graph” link you can see ALL the possible stat combos that could be good. It’s so hard to convey that information in an understandable way, since really there are usually all sorts of solutions that are good. We don’t give a specific number because there could be, say, 10 combos of stats better than yours. 8 could have more crit, 2 could have less crit. So, what number should we show? It’s really ambiguous - so that is why we don’t give an actual number.