Suggestions for Best in Slot

Hi there, I wish to make a comment about the way Best in Slots function.
We have always been able to purchase extra sockets via Gouged Eye of NZoth from Wraithion. And now that Blizzard has made corruption effects available for purchase means that things will not be so RNG based anymore. One thing that i have noticed when using the Best in Slots function is that when I have a corrupted piece acquired elsewhere, it then becomes one of the pieces in the suggested Best in Slot. Similarly, if I have another gear that was acquired with a socket, it might become the Best in Slot for the specific slot. However, I think that this is not really the "true" BIS as I can probably still acquire another piece and put on the corruption like an "enchant" and put a socket into it. Correct me if i'm wrong but i feel like the term "Best in Slots" are meant for us to aim to acquire. But by making another lower ilvl corrupted piece the so-called BIS might make the suggestions kind of distorted. Why I am making this post is also because, Corrupted Mementos and Echos of Nyalotha despite being farmable, is somewhat limited and I wish to make sure I buy the correct corruption and “enchant” it on the correct piece that I should aim to collect, or “create a socket” in the true BIS piece.

Another thing I wish to ask is about the suggested minor essence under the BIS category.
It seems like the suggested minor essences are based on what my character has available.
I’m not 100% sure, but it would be good if Best in Slot section includes minor essences that I do not already own so i will know which essences I should spend my time on to acquire.

Sorry for the long paragraph but I do hope whatever I have mentioned above actually makes sense.

Best in Slot considers all essences, not just the ones that you own.

We’re working on some ideas for recommending corruption effects now that you can target specific ones.

Best in Slot is also more of a recommendation… due to titanforging and corruption and all that, making a BiS list and sticking to it isn’t really that useful. It’s more to get a ballpark of where you want to end up. The fact that your current gear modifies the result is a good thing in our opinion – you want to adjust your goals based on what you already have.

Actually, since TFing is gone and you can pick the corruption you want + throw a socket onto anything you want, BiS has more impact now. The only randomized things are secondary that we can’t control anymore, but most of them have a minor effect at best (outside of healers loving their leech).

Being able to get to the ideal stats you want, throw a socket into all the gear for the extra stats you want, then pick up corruptions that benefit those pieces the most is the ideal situation. While I understand it’s end of expansion, so there isn’t going to be anything too impactful going on and heading towards Shadowlands with all it’s number squishing is more important. It would be nice to have the BiS updated with being able to Gem everything and pick corruptions on pieces as well.

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