Suggestions for future versions

Hi. Just a couple of suggestions.

  1. Add option for questing gear in the look for upgrade. I have been 70 for quite awhile and started doing some of the quests i missed. I did a quest that gave me a nice ring upgrade in shadowmoon valley. It would be awesome if quests were included in the sort list like the factions and dungeons and stuff are.

  2. When looking for upgrade make the dungeons sortable. Just like it is in look for BIS. It would be nice to say im going to run a dungeon and then just click on that dungeon and see if there is an upgrade. on my fresh 70 alt there are a lot of upgrades to sort through with all of the dungeons selected. Low priority suggestion but it would be nice. Same thing with not being able to get into all of the heroics. I would like to select the ones i can run, then do an upgrade search…

You can type the name of a dungeon in the filter/sort box at the top of the list of items in the upgrade finder to filter the list to a particular zone.

Ha. Perfect. That is exactly what i was looking for. I thought about that but I have only used it for sorting, for example, Head or Main hand. So i just assumed it would only sort slot.