Suggestions to print

dear amr team,

First of all I am so happy that you developed the “classic” section. I used a lot amr 10 years ago when I was playing wow. I stopped whan the pandaran extension was released.

Anyway can I suggest that you include a way to print the results of the optimization that amr suggests especialy in the upgrade finder and BIS.
Being able to generate a pdf with all the suggestions and where to find them would be great. Ideally I would like to be able to group them by source before printing. So when I am doing a dungeon (for instance) , I can have next to me my target list.

Many thanks

It’s been a while since we’ve had this request!

Sorry, we have no plans to create a print-friendly version of the site :frowning: Alt-tab to the list when an item drops seems to work well for most people.

Hehe senior people like paper.

Maybe then on the results screen between the column with the item name and before the column enchant , could you had a column for the source of the item so there is no need to hover above each item ?