Survival and MM hunter wrong gems?

Hi there!

I’m just wondering why you fave int gems in gear rather than agi gems as wowhead and icy-vein guides suggest? What’s your thoughts behind it?

Could you post your snapshot?

I am tracking mana for hunters, since they can still be fairly mana-limited without raid buffs and consumables. My guess is that more mana for abilities is out-weighing adding a little damage to each attack.

I suppose I could ignore mana altogether in the calculations if people don’t want to see gear that increases their mana pool (and probably dps) in mana-limited situations.

I’m sorry if I seem dumb, but how do I do a snapshot? ^-^"

There is a help link above the gear table. Press that and there is a button to create a snapshot.

But I can see you’ve changed the gems out for agi?

I didn’t change anything in hunters in the past couple days. Maybe your gear got better?