Survival Hunter BoP/CA uptime

Something feels off with the SV Hunter BiB and simulator, when comparing it to logs or in game testing the numbers usually come back pretty different.

An example with the BiB vs the Simulator is it recommends Elemental Whirl over almost everything, but in the simulator with or without RA on it always comes out as less dps vs things like Gutripper/Overwhelming Power. It also rarely recommends Blur of Talons despite it seeming to come out best in the sim even with the problem below.

Using Blur of Talons/Bird of Prey taloc logs compared to the taloc sim, there is usually between 10-20% less uptime on coordinated assault and the dps numbers are lower in the sim, especially when using the Blur of Talons azerite trait. The uptime loss happens sometimes even when using Single Target/Training Dummy sims compared to a taloc log but is a lot less(up to 5%)

When comparing sim/logs with other azerite traits the numbers are pretty close and the only difference seems to be with Coordinated Assault uptime if they are using the Birds of Prey talent.

some of the sims I did to check it vs logs: (timer slightly different on 2nd/3rd sim vs log but the uptime still has a big difference)

Sim has -2k dps and -16% coordinated assault uptime
1st log:
1st sim:

Not using BoT azerite traits, sim has -10% coordinated assault uptime and dps is only 600 difference.
2nd log:
2nd sim:

Sim has -1.4k dps and -15% uptime.
3rd log:
3rd sim:

I did quite a bit of messing around with coordinated assault uptime in the rotation. You can increase the uptime a bit with some rotation tweaks, but it didn’t result in a dps gain. Possibly that is what a lot of people are doing in-game.

I can take another look at it sometime soon. I’ve been going through stuff in preparation for 8.1 updates.

Also, it’s going to be really hard to compare taloc sims to actual logs because of that intermission phase. Some of the assumptions in the script might not be lining up with what is happening in the logs.