Survival hunter rotation update?

Can you check the SV hunter’s rotation? It seems it’s been a long time since updated.

In other sites like simcraft, there has been a lot of changes like mongoose bite at 5 stacks and rotation with Blur of talon and Birds of prey.

I can’t say which one is better rotation in real game, but I hope AMR remains best always!

Could i have your source for rotation ? Becaues on wowhead their is no change since the PTR for survival (for the rotation) even with Blur of talon :confused: ?

Wowhead has only simplified rotations. Check icy vein and simulation craft apl.

I did do one round of survival rotation updates not too long ago. I’m always checking the rotations to make sure they’re giving optimal damage. I’m working on another round of improvements across the board right now actually.

Lots of the stuff that the simc apls do aren’t really necessary, so we’ll often have different rotations.

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