Survival Hunter simms

Why do the sims use talents that I don’t have or use skills that should never be used in the rotation for the build, the simms are coming up thousands of dps lower than me just smacking at a raid target dummy without any raid buffs.

Link one of the sims and we can take a look.

Here is one I just did

The wildfire bomb is actually fixed, it was using wildfire infusion before but there is no reason it should be using serpent sting without the talent for it.

I also did my own test with a dps meter, the pet damage which doesn’t change is around 20% total, Mongoose bite is at 72%, then the rest in order I wildfire bomb dot, fathom fall, wildfire bomb laser matrix and gutripper (Which doesn’t really work on a dummy)

Yours shows mongoose bite at 25%, I don’t think it’s calculating mongoose fury properly, plus it’s using serpent sting, I tried to make my own rotation to sue but it was too complicated for me to do in a short amount of time.

I don’t really understand what you are saying. There is no survival build where you wouldn’t use serpent sting. Mongoose Fury is stacking correctly in the simulator.

If you aren’t using the serpent sting talents, using serpent sting if you even have 1 stack of mongoose fury is less damage for the energy than using mongoose bite, mongoose bite when I use a meter tends to be 60-70% of my damage while on your simm it’s barely 1/3rd of that, and there is almost 50% more pet damage, the only thing I can think of is that it’s not applying correctly for it to be that much less damage or it is somehow using the skill a lot less

Looks like you can get a little bit of a dps gain by not refreshing serpent sting with mongoose fury up (i actually used to have the rotation like that, guess I need to change it back). But even then, mongoose bit is around 30% or so of damage. Even on the most extreme of high ranking logs the most I’ve seen is 40% of damage as mongoose bite. If you’re doing 60-70% with mongoose bite only you’re missing something.