Switch Azerite Armor Piece for Different Piece w/ Same Ilvl + Same Traits

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:
Not a big deal but seems like something you might like to be aware of if you aren’t already - maybe more data to help fix it. Why would I bother to make this switch in BiB? Same Azerite armor ilvl and traits. (SS attached)
EDIT: I should point out that there were no changes suggested for my main spec (Arms). So it isn’t a case of switching them to get better traits for my main spec.

We have some code that looks for spurious changes (e.g. swapping position of two gems without changing the gems). I don’t think that I built in a case to look for different azerite items with identical traits… I just assumed it would be rare or not happen, but I guess that it does!

I can put it on the list of things to do.

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If you’re making a list anyway can you add trinkets? Sometimes the slot they are in is important to other macros or addons and having them switch places is a minor annoyance.

It shouldn’t swap trinkets. If you have a case where it is, send me your addon string and steps to reproduce.

It is not so rare - It is happening to me as well. Two identical pieces (helm) with identical azerite traits (Surv Hunt - wilderness/last gift) and AMR wants me to swap items and then recommends swapping traits.

Edit: I needed both helms for diff specs.

Yeah if it is the same exact item, it should handle those cases already. This is a case of two different items (different name, different ID) with the exact same azerite traits chosen.