Talent builds and gear sets


I’d like some advice on associating talent builds with the correct gear set (or vice versa).

For much of Dragonflight, when I choose a gearset in the addon, an 'AMR latest setup" talent build is created (if it doesn’t exist) and I am switched into the build and then I have to change into the correct talent build.

This is all for one class, one spec (Warlock, Demonology).

For 10.1.5, I tried to avoid this using the following steps…

  1. Choose starter build for demonology spec.

  2. Delete all demonology talent builds

  3. Create 3 builds - raids single target, raid cleave, m+

  4. swap to raid single target build

  5. export from addon

  6. delete all demonology setups on website

  7. import from addon

  8. create 3 setups (same name as talent builds

  9. amend each mr robot set up to use the build chosen from the dropdown list (which I asssume gets the builds from the import)

  10. export back to the game

There is a helpful warning message on the website that I’m not using the latest imported talent build for the two setups associated not associated with the talent build I was in when exporting.

When I use the addon to change gearset, I still get shifted to an AMR created build.

My apologies if this is addressed in the tutorials but I could not find it.

Talent swapping via an addon is sketchy at best unfortunately… Blizzard’s API rarely works as expected. I might take another look at it next week to see if they have made any improvements, but my last attempt failed – there was simply no reliable way to create or swap to a Blizzard talent loadout. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would get the in-game talent UI hung up in an unusable state, etc.

Right now, when you change setups using the in-game addon, we create the “AMR Latest Setup” talent loadout in the in-game talent loadout manager, which will always match the talents as seen on the website for that setup. But we do not actually switch to or activate that talent loadout… that is the part I could not find a reliable way to do. You have to manually choose that talent loadout in-game to activate it, or, just ignore it and use the loadouts you have already created.

If you are still having issues with this feature, go to the Options tab of the in-game addon and check “Do not change talents when changing gear sets”. That will disable the creation of the “AMR Latest Setup” talent loadout entirely, and you can delete it.

Next week I’m going to play around with it and see if Blizzard has made any improvements… it is a frustratingly bad API that they created for managing talent loadouts.

I actually got some time to mess around with this today and put out v127 of the addon which I think should work better. Official announcement here:

Wow! That’s service. Thank you so much.

Totally Agree, i have been struggled with swapping specialisation/talents with only 2 loadouts, now i can do /amr and gear/spec/talents are switched but only missing action bars, i didn’t have shared bars between loadouts, now i must assign as share because AMR can’t activate, only if you manually select the build/talents in wow talents api.

Right… forgot that each loadout can have its own action bars saved with it. I’ll give that some thought… for people using that feature of Blizzard’s talent manager, perhaps we can add an alternate mode that simple activates a saved talent loadout associated to each of your AMR setups.

We just posted another site update (and version 128 of the in-game addon) to make some further improvements to how we handle talent loadouts. You will need version 128 or higher of the addon for the below to work.

Firstly, you can associate an in-game talent loadout to a Best in Bags setup on the website. Press the “Edit Talents” button in the setup step to bring up the talent editor. From the Loadouts picker at the bottom of the tree, choose the in-game talent loadout you would like to load and associate to that BiB setup. Then, make sure to press Find Best in Bags to optimize your character – this ensures that it gets saved to the database.

Once you have done this, two things will happen:

  1. When you press Send to Addon to send your data to our in-game addon, and use our addon to activate a setup and switch talents, we will automatically activate the loadout you have chosen. This should both choose your talents and ensure that your loadout-specific action bars are activated.

  2. Say you modify your talent loadout in-game. The next time you export from our addon to the AMR website, we’ll automatically update the talents for any Best in Bags setup that is using that talent loadout.

We plan to make some UI improvements soon to make this behavior a lot more clear, but the functionality is all there now. Let us know if you run into any issues.