Talent Configurations saved with Gear

Is it possible to add a feature that will automatically swap your talents to match what was setup with the saved gear configuration? An aoe configuration to match the gear set and a single target configuration to match the saved gear set for example.

That would be a huge quality of life improvement that doesn’t seem too difficult. I know other addons do this but being able to push one button and go to the gear and talents I want would be amazing.

-Mavri - Sargeras

I’ll have to ask our addon dev (@yellowfive) if that is something that can be done with the addon. If it can be done, seems like it would be a nice addition.

This has been brought up before and I believe Yellowfive’s answer was that it would cause too many issues, since you would need to be in a rested zone or under the effects of a Tome/Codex in order to actually change the talents.

It’s on my list… could probably make it do this when you are in an area where it is possible… and then show some kind of warning if you aren’t. Will have to play around with the available APIs for swapping talents.