Talents not changing for dual spec set ups

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When trying to optimize best in bags for dual spec paladin the talents aren’t changing from one spec to another when i change spec and request new BiB.

For classic versions of the game we only read the talents that you currently have active when you export your character. WotLK added the dual talent spec concept… but for our purposes it would often be very ambiguous which talents to load where.

Also, we generally do not modify the talents in your setups on the website when you update via the addon after the initial creation of your setup. The reason is that people often make multiple setups for the same spec with different talents – it would then be difficult to determine which one to update. It would also be pretty annoying… most people set up an optimization around a specific talent build, and don’t want it to be changed unless they explicitly say to do so.

That said, the UI was designed more with retail WoW in mind, where changing talents is a lot easier. With Dragonflight it will become a bit more of a pain to set up a talent tree on the website, so we’ll probably look at adding some more convenience functionality that we can bring into WotLK classic too.