Talents not changing

Now when we can use more than one build on one specialization. I have three builds:
Holy Raid healing
Holy Mythic+
I noticed that changing specs doesnt change talents on second build on my Holy specialization. It is always talent set from first build of my Holy specialization. it doesnt matter whether I am changing from shadow to Mythic+ or from Raid Healing to Mythic+ it is always talents from Raid Healing as a result.

Do you mean when you change builds on the website, or in-game? On the website, it should remember the talents that you chose with each build.

In-game, you’ll have to change your talents manually to be what you want. We didn’t build in automatic talent switching in-game yet due to some difficulties with the WoW addon API. It’s on the list to visit again later. It also presents some issues if you were to swap gear sets in a place where you can’t change talents.

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I missed this originally. Think I’m going to rename my build sets to include the talent numbers, such as Guardian Raid 3333123 to remind me to look and make those changes. I already stock up on Tomes to reset talents out in the world or in raids.

Here are two addon suggestions that you might find helpful:
Talent Set Manager

I personally use the first one. The second one (supposedly) also includes the PvP talents.
(Edit: There are reports as of a month ago that the PvP functionality is broken.)