Talents Reset After Changing Specs

Snapshot ID: 99094730ae9e4b359960070fac78151b

This is complicated so I’m going to explain it as best I can. Maybe some screenshots would help… What it boils down to is that my talent setups aren’t being saved. And I’m not sure why. I’ll walk though an example. I just imported my data from the AMR addon and I’m in the BiB setup screen.

For each of my 4 setups (“DPS Raid”, “DPS Mythic+”, “Tank Raid”, and “Tank Mythic+”), I do the following:

  1. Click on the setup
  2. Click “Edit Talents”
  3. Under “Loadouts” I select the matching talent set (they’re named the same thing as my AMR set)

Because I’m a suspicious panda, I go back to double check all the talent setups. And I noticed that “Tank Raid” isn’t correct. Just a couple talents have moved, like “Improved Touch of Death” isn’t selected.
I could swear that I’ve seen this happen on my “DPS Raid” talents as well, but I can’t reproduce it this evening.


I’ll try it out… the Blizzard in-game talent manager is extremely flaky… so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is sometimes not registering things. They also have a terrible API for reading saved loadouts… would not be surprised if the patch e.g. broke the ability to read setups for a currently inactive spec.

A few updates ago I disabled the behavior where importing would try to sync your talents with an in-game talent loadout due to how unreliable they are. If you select it again from the list of loadouts on the website though, it will load those talents for you.

Right now, your talents on a Best in Bags setup will never change unless you manually change them using any of the controls on the talent editor window.

I can try re-enabling this behavior to automatically sync with an in-game talent loadout and see how it goes. I am frustrated by how poorly Blizzard implemented this feature and hope that they improve it in a future patch.