Tank gear tbc question

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My paladin tank. I may be wrong here but I was under the impression paladin tanks didn’t use mongoose and instead of gemming for sockets just gemmed 12 stam in everything. Also it wants me to use Thundering Skyfire Diamond for the meta, which is what none of the guides seem to recommend. Im looking at best in bag btw. Tanking is set at the default Mostly Tuff , 2 dots from All Tuff. Even set at all tough this is what it recommends. Defense rating seems low too at 334 rating. Is there some buff or talent that isn’t listed or made note of?

I am not sure what the correct terminology is so I will just call it “philosophy”. There are a couple of different views when it comes to tank gear Philosophy. One is Max Stamina. Another is Max Avoidance. There are very good arguments for each. AMR appears to definitely lean toward max avoidance. It even appears they chose avoidance stats over mitigation of like Armor.

I have not spent any time to try to come to my own conclusion. I have tried both ways in the past. I absolutely loved the high avoidance builds. But i now tend to stack stamina. Just so i can look cool. lol. I got my flying mount so I will be replacing some stam gems and replacing with some avoidance now that I can afford to try.the more avoidance stuff that AMR is recommending.

Palidans need to not only be 490 defense for crit cap, but also need to be crush immune which means more avoidance. Warrior can be crush capped with just shield block so technically they can get 490 defense and then stack stamina if they want. I can tell you that on some fights my healers are throwing not stop heals to keep me up and i am around 17.5k buffed health. If they don’t have heals ready at all times, i can go from 17.5 to zero in 3 hits and sometimes those hits come in fast. We are clearing all of the content, so its feesable, but i think i could drop some health and it would be a little easier with some more avoidance.

We are doing what is more or less an EHP (effective hit point) calculation. Avoidance ends up being more efficient at raising your EHP compared to stamina right now, so that is what the optimizer likes. Like dmug00 said, there are different philosophies on that. We had to go ahead and pick one.

another problem im having now is it isnt showing tbc shoulder enchants