Tank gearing strat

Hi there! I am a bit lost with tank slider dps - tuf, can someone clarify it to me? Like for example, i wanna tank 15 keys as brewmaster, what position i should choose?

This is where the simulator came in handy for me since you could set the mythic difficulty and really see if you’re good to lower it. The non-technical answer here is to just set it to all defense and start sliding it more towards dps if you’re not having issues. Use cheap enchants until you figure out a good spot.

Basically the slider is there to favor defensive stats vs dps stats. For example crit on vengeance dh can lead to some insane dps, but haste is better for survivability. by sliding the tuf meter you go from favoring crit on the dps side, to favoring haste on the tuf side. it also may change up your trinket effects to, though im not sure at which point it decides you need a dps trinket vs a tank trinket.

Well, for example right now i have no probs in +10, should i go all dps from there? But if i do so, my gear change significantly and i am not sure if i can tank same dungeons without risk

There are so many variables… we have found over the years that it is pretty much impossible to make a strategy that says, for example, “you should set the slider exactly here if you are tanking a +15”. Doesn’t work… every player/group is different, and even what affixes are up that week can have a big impact.

No matter what, you’re going to have to experiment a bit in-game. Tank some keys, did you feel squishy? Move the slider more towards toughness. Were you fine? Go for some more DPS.

As you move more towards DPS, you’ll definitely see direct damage effect trinkets get favored – they are always strong for tank spec damage. As you move more towards toughness, you’ll generally see some of the tank-specific items or stat-based trinkets get favored instead. (In addition to possible shifts from one stat to another, for example it is common that mastery will be a decent tank stat, but is generally the weakest DPS stat.)