Tank Pala sim result

Hi, everyone,
i have a question about the result.


the first link is my current gear with the current conduits.


in the second link i changed a conduit. The result is better in all points. my BiB can change conduits and is on mythic +
mostly dps. why is this not suggested to me?

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Btw here is the snap shot from BiB

I had a quick look, in both of your simulations you’ve got a 0.00% chance of death so they’re both really the same.
With the tank simulations you need to wind the M+ level up until you start seeing a death chance, about 3% is where you’ll be getting better data from.
Rerunning that first sim at +20 I got this:
94.69% TUF 4.3% Death Chance
Having found where the death chance increased I then changed what you had for your second one and got this:
86.39% TUF 17.5% Death Chance

We’d need Y5 to chime in with more details.

Like Cluey said, doing tank simulations where you out-gear the damage to the point that you never die will not give that useful results. Our suggestions/data assume a simulation in which you have a non-zero chance to die.

hey all
i have now looked at it again carefully and compared it with my details data. The data in the sim result is incorrect. I got from Conduit an average of 22k healing here. the conduit should heal 700k in 6 minutes of fighting. in a +19er Ingame it heals me 400k overall.
The conversion is not correct in the sim.

Hi, everyone,
somehow I don’t get it. with this sim
I have 63 TUF. death chance from 72% but 94% negation and 5300 HRPS I do 5k HPS myself, so I have more than 10k DTPS. isn’t this very unrealistic? Yesterday I played a +20, I had 4.8K DTPS and 3.9k HPS. I have now read through every guide to the tank sim at AMR and compared myself with other players. But I still cannot explain these results. Can someone explain to me please?

Tank simulation is a bit different than DPS simulation, there are a lot more variables. It is very difficult to simulate tanking exactly as it will happen in the game. Therefore you want to interpret the simulation results on a “relative” scale rather than an “absolute” scale.

The actual M+ level that you choose in the simulation probably won’t match up exactly to what you can do in-game. This is why we call it “NPC Damage Multiplier”, with entries like “+85 % (Mythic+ 10)” – the “Mythic+ 10” part is just a suggestion to help you pick a starting value. To get good simulation results, you might need to move that up or down until your character is at a reasonable death chance.

If your death chance is too low (under 5-10%) or too high (over 60-70% or so) then the results of the simulation won’t be very useful. The reason for this is pretty intuitive: let’s say you run a simulation and it shows that you have a 100% death chance – there is simply no way for you to survive the fight. You check the log generated by the simulation (with “Report Type” set to Log), and you are dying within seconds of the fight starting. Now let’s say you add 20 stamina to your character and simulate again. You’re still going to die horribly… there’s no way for the simulator to give much useful information because for all practical purposes your toughness has not improved.

The same thing happens if you are too tough – say you simulate and have a 0% death chance. You look at the log and you barely need any healing to stay alive either. Now let’s say you add 20 stamina to your character and simulate again. Well… you’re still invincible. It’s hard to give any value to that stamina because you’re already too tough.

So tweak the NPC Damage Mulitplier until you have a death chance around 20-50%. This means that you get into trouble sometimes, but not all the time. In this range, the simulator is very good at estimating the relative value of adding different kinds of defensive stats and effects to your character.

Though this doesn’t match up exactly to the absolute amounts of damage you are taking in-game, and the simulated healers don’t exactly mirror how your teammate is healing you, the overall gist and patterns are similar enough that the relative value of defensive effects can be estimated very well.

First of all, many thanks for the detailed answer.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain my problem. I don’t see how much damage I’ve taken in the simulation
I follow BiB and have simed. These values ​​were the result. I would like to know if I would survive a +20. If I simply screw down the NPC multiplier, that is no longer meaningful. I only encountered the problem after I noticed that a conduit reduced my chance of death by almost 30%. But these values ​​are not correct in the sim, the conduit only heals a fraction of what is indicated in the result. So the question arose, what should I rely on now? The sim result from BiB is bad. 63% Tuf is not enough for me. If I change a conduit myself, I have over 80% TuF, but that is by far not true with the game result.

Which conduit? We can take a look and see if there is an issue with the implementation of the conduit.

“Condensed Anima Sphere”
with this conduit
without this conduit

In this sim Report, heal the conduit over 800k with in average of 27k Healing. But this is not possible 4% from 100k is 4K healing Not 27k

Whoops – yeah the multiplier was missing a zero on that conduit. I’ve updated the simulator with the correct value.

Note that the optimizer was using the correct value, as well as our estimates for the value of that conduit. It seems that the simulator got auto-updated to the wrong value in our last site update, the coefficient in the data is weird on that one.