Tank sims for different types of damage and damage patterns?

Wondering if you have plans to cook up tank sims that distinguish the main types of damage we need to deal with, e.g.: physical vs. magic, sustained vs. spiky. These are different than the dps-minded ST vs. AOE (Krosus vs. Spellblade).

I’m just getting into gearing up my guardian, and learning, for example, star is magic dmg, krosus dmg is nearly 50 unavoidable, while skorp, depending on boss or add tank, can be 70% dodgeable. etc.

So i can see real differences in gear needs fight-to-fight, if I knew what the heck I was doing, and hoping AMR has mad scientists on the job cooking up next-gen NoPeS sauce.

Thanks for all the good work

Yeah we plan to add tomb of sargeras scripts for a representative boss of each style.

Krosus is good for heavy magic damage fights.

Spellblade is bursty physical, with a long gap between tank swaps.

Mythic+ is good for that, constant, mostly melee damage, coming from a pack, with a short single target boss.

We’ll see how ToS shapes up and make some new ones too.

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Also, if you haven’t seen the writeups for the Krosus and Spellblade scripts yet, they are helpful:

Spellblade: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/spellblade/
Krosus: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/krosus/