Tank Strats and imports

Hi, I have 2 questions if anyone can help me please.
1, It seems the single target option has disappeared from the strategies and only Mythic+ is available. Anyone know why?
2, I tried to import from warcraft logs but only get error asking for id’s and the like. Has anyone got an idea why this is, or a link to a guide for importing?

Thanks in advance from newbie poster. :wink:

We’re transitioning to some new tanking strategies over the course of this week. The old “physical” strategy is the Mythic+ strategy. We got rid of the “magic” strategy because it is not very relevant for ToS.

What is the link you are trying to import from WCL? The actual link doesn’t technically matter… it just needs to be a URL with a report ID, fight ID, and player/source ID.

It was the url I was trying to import. It reports an error asking for the id’s etc.

Can you post the URL you are trying to import? I can give it a shot, see what’s up.

Also – make sure you log isn’t private, otherwise the WCL API can’t retrieve your data.