Tanking in frost spec

so i tank in frost spec well i some how got amr to set my frost tank in blood so i can have it give me the toughness option well its recommending me to change my gems but i have it set to none well i think i figured out that its changing them based on my dps off spec to change the gems any way you can add the toughness to frost spec as well ** i deleted the dps off spec and its still asking me to change gems I put it back on and set it to none and still same issue of suggesting gem changes**

Do you have a higher priority spec where you don’t have gems set to None? It will not change gems picked by a higher priority spec.

If you want to do tank optimization, always set your spec to Blood, then just pick Frost talents. The optimizer can handle any talent build for tanking, but we only enable tanking code when your “spec” is set to Blood.

i had my frost set to blood and on top priority and then deleted the frost spec so i didnt try to do anything with it

only 1 spec its the blood one i did with frost talents

also says my belt has a prismatic socket and it doesnt have a socket guardian’s plate belt

If you post a snapshot we can look at your case. Press the “help” link next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, then Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here.

The prismatic socket is a belt buckle.


how do i get the belt buckle? isnt that an engineering thing

You can buy a belt buckle from any blacksmith.

I’ll look at the gem thing… the “None” option doesn’t work that well if you already have gems in your gear, it’s sort of a weird case. Maybe we can do something for it, but it is a pretty low priority case.