Tanking Simulations, Version 2

The site was updated with the first of a series of updates to tanking simulation and gearing strategy generation.

  • Version 2 tank gearing strategies are now available! Choose “BETA! Strategy V2” from the Sim Type picker on the simulation page.

  • Version 2 tank gearing strategies will automatically configure boss script overall damage (Mythic+ Level), and the item level min/max over which it tries gear. This will reach the “sweet spot” where the fight is appropriate and challenging, and thus give good recommendations about what gear actually makes you tougher. You can manually override the automatic behavior if you wish, using the manual tank option that shows up.

  • Tank healers are now fully programmable AI healers, using the same logic as the AI healers in the new healing simulations. The Mythic+ boss script is a simple example. We will be tweaking/improving the default AI healer logic for tank simulations as 7.2.5 draws closer, right now it is using a reasonable but very generic set of rules.

Another update is coming soon that will enable a new technique for doing DPS-oriented tanking strategies. This post will be updated when that is available.

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