Tanking - Would like to see how ALL stats contribute to my TTL

Hello community! Just got a year of AMR :slight_smile:

Im wondering how to sim and see how all stats are contributing to my time to live. I did a sim and saw avoidance and versitility up there… but not haste or mastery? What do I do to get an idea of the importance of all stats as I progress in tanking?

I also did a ‘gearing strategy’ and it came back to me with DPS rankings… as a tank. what? Thanks for any help!

Could you link me to the report with dps rankings for your tank? As far as I know… the gearing strategies can’t really do that, tanks always do tanks.

When looking at the results of a single simulation, different stats will do different things… it would be kind of tough to split out and explicitly measure how much each particular stat is contributing to your toughness. We show you a handy chart with the various effects and how much they relatively contributed during a fight though. The line for avoidance is the DR that the avoidance stat gave you. For vers, it’s the DR that vers gave you. But vers also increases your self-healing and damage, which can contribute to toughness… you would have to look at your effects that healed, etc.

Other stats do other things – crit can make your heals bigger, and also increase your parry on some tanks.

A gearing strategy is our way of doing a big batch of simulations, and then using that data to get an overall picture of how your stats will contribute to toughness.