TBC Addon - Reputation parsing LUA


An idea for reputation tab, toggling “I can buy now”: omit scryer/aldor if hated with them, omit exalted rewards if not yet exalted, etc.

This would require parsing the reputations in the addon. Sample code:

-- lkp={["1"]='hated',["2"]='hostile',["3"]='unfriendly',["4"]='neutral',["5"]='friendly',["6"]='honored',["7"]='revered',["7"]='exalted'};
/script i=1;n='a'; while n and i<50 do n,_,x,_,y,z=GetFactionInfo(i); if(n) then print(n..'('..x..'): '..z..'/'..y);i=i+1;end;end;