TBC Arcane Mages

Hi! Just wondering when will we get the optimizer for Arcane Mages… I still get it imported as frost since I don’t have the Improved Fireball talent. I can then switch to arcane at the top of the page, but not sure if its the same.

Thanks in advance and sorry if it’s already been covered somewhere else

Love the work you put into everything here

We do have arcane mage optimization - if you change the spec to arcane, it optimizes with calculations for arcane. As for why you aren’t getting imported as an arcane mage… I’d have to see your particular case. My guess is that we are looking for the Arcane Power talent to signal you are an arcane mage.

It’s weird… Obviously I do have Arcane Power lol.

This is the string I get from the addon and the one I’m trying to import:

$4;US;Westfall;Berracus;Resurrection Pending;4;1;70;-932:-10026,-87:-9600,-529:32137,-809:400,-970:2375,-69:14058,4:363,10:371,-989:18569,-21:4865,-934:9115,-909:50,-369:7122,-978:14720,-577:5065,-47:19238,-270:42999,-72:22477,-470:4607,13:369,-749:30515,-1011:26795,-946:31413,-930:8597,-576:-1750,-935:12617,-609:20389,-730:4607,-59:9000,-967:2175,-933:11843,-54:16303,-942:34151,-509:0,-910:-8497;1;.s1;MAGE;2500250300030150330125000000000000000000000000535000310030010000000;.q1;12930s14;8916s6x23096y0;1s10x0y0e684;420s1e1904;2195s2;593s11f39;751s18;1679s15;261s9;92s7;67s16;135s13;139s8x0y0;1141s12;10s17;450s5;1145s3;.inv;3371;1;542;423;2611;1647;1690;0;0;1039;121;29;37;4;0;1;107e884;39;482;120;80;190;306;1;97;242;343;21;208;168;18;30;80;0;0;0;0;0;104e1008;986;640;531;605;106;11;1;24;1;1;45e612;88;548;5;1;3e-1652;2;1024;46;316;238e1031;227;81e9;1e696;1e-1677;128;6;27;1;30;8;2e1677;5;38e-1658;21;792;132;52;6;297;1;93;54;37;426;2;35;7;562;0;1;1;1;0;2;6;5;63;1;46;1;2;1;61;84;33;38;780;699;88;9;53;56;577f39;379;39;485;21;65;1459;1;5;230;292;153;4;268;103;651;225;302;3;173;449;168;161;31;89;121;429;338;1204;3$

I have no problem just changing it to Arcane on the top, just posting cause there might be a bug somewhere. But I don’t know, still find it weird that after changing to Arcane if I do the BiS optimizer with only dungeon drops for pre-raid BiS or phase 1 Bis with heroics, Kara, Mag and Gruul’s I never get the complete Spellfire or Spellstrike set. That can’t be right, right?

Yeah, I’ll update it to recognize the arcane spec correctly

The spellfire and spellstrike set bonuses are actually pretty weak, so it’s not surprising to me that they don’t show up in BiS.