TBC Best in Slot

I created an arms warrior to find BiS for phase 1 in Karazhan only. But selecting only Kara, I get suggestions from Dungeons, Mags, Gruuls and World Bosses.

This is the settings I have setup:

When you don’t load an actual character, the website loads a generic character that already has near-BiS gear for phase 1 equipped. The already equipped gear is always considered. If you find an arms warrior to load that doesn’t already have good gear, you’ll be able to get the BiS list you are looking for.

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Right that’s what I was missing. I was testing things at work and didn’t have access to my actual warrior to check what I was chasing in Kara. Using my warrior gives the results I was expecting. Thanks for the info.

Yeah, it’s a little bit of a quirk to the system, but we don’t know of an elegant way around it.