TBC - "cheap" gem and enchants

I’m gearing up for pre-raid gear, and I’m cheap, too. I don’t see an easy way to tell AMR that I want to buy the cheap gems and cheap enchants. I only have an option to show the best gems and enchants to my class or none at all.


check uncommon gems instead of rare. It will use the cheaper versions. It is in the best in bag category. Click best in bag, then look at step 2, it shows a drop down option for gems. hit the little arrow and chose Uncommon

Interesting, I’ve never clicked uncommon because in my mind that means the best. Common would be the worst – although there is no common choice. How about for enchants?

Green rarerity is called uncommon ingame. Blue being called rare.
And there are white gems too, but I doubt anyone will ever consider them as the green ones usualy dont cost much more.