TBC Classic Addon Export Not Updating on Website

I’ve been attempting to update my character info via the copy / paste of the string from the addon but it keeps reverting to the last data string. Just purchased the TBC version but it is not updating my toon’s info. Please help

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by it keeps reverting – whenever you paste into the box, as soon as you paste it automatically loads it. If you don’t see an error message of some kind, then it imported successfully – it’s very fast, you might not even notice that it did anything.

If there is some item that is not importing properly, paste the string in a reply here and let me know what specifically is not importing and I can take a look.

Finally got the tbc version to import updated data; however, the sim keeps recommending intel gems for a bm hunter?! Also, upgrade finder is recommending spell caster gear?!

This usually happens when you are severely mana limited. Try shortening the fight length considerably, and enabling mana consumables like mana potions.