TBC Classic Badge Recommendations are still showing Sunwell loot even if you filter on P3 or P4

Well the subject says it all. When looking for badge loot recommendations using the upgrade finder, it recommends Sunwell level badge items even when filtered for P3 or P4

Which items in particular aren’t filtered correctly? I can take a look at it – a lot of source information out on the internet is sketchy for classic WoW versions.

It appears to be all the plate items:

I don’t see any other recommendations

Would it be possible to put in a filter to just TURN OFF badge items all together so you dont see them when you run the Best in Slot or Upgrade Finder ?

Thanks, I’ll take a look – somehow the plate items didn’t get flagged as phase 5, but all other armor types did.

@philg7445 The upgrade finder has a specific search of badge items, so it doesn’t need a filter. For Best in Slot… we could add an option to exclude badge gear.

“we could add an option to exclude badge gear.”
This would be huge. Any possibilities of getting a professions filter as well? So that bop items dont show up on lists when you dont have the profession? So if my druid is herbalism/mining it doesnt do me any good to see leatherworking bop items if i cant make them.

I added an option to exclude badge gear for BiS.

Note that you can also exclude specific items to catch cases for which we don’t have a filter: