TBC Classic Optimizer is Live!

You can now use the TBC Optimizer! You will find a TBC link on the home page and at the top-right of most pages on the website.

Go to https://www.askmrrobot.com/the-burning-crusade to get started!

The TBC optimizer includes Best in Bags, the Upgrade Finder, Worst in Bags, and Best in Slot. They are all premium features, and everyone gets a one-week free trial.

How to do we Rank Gear?

We did a lot of research and created mathematical models for every spec. The optimizer runs this model on the fly as it sorts through all of your gear. This is a bit different than the simulation approach used for retail WoW. We decided to go this way for TBC because the game mechanics lend themselves to such an approach much better than retail, and it gives us a lot of extra flexibility.


Here is the main blog post describing it:
TBC Gear Optimization

And here are a few extra resources:
TBC Best in Bags
TBC Optimizer Tips and Tricks
TBC Upgrade Finder
Classic and TBC Classic In-Game Addon Tutorial
Classic Pricing Info


Please let us know if you have any feedback or run into any issues. We did our best to catch most things, but there are always little tweaks to be made. We thought it was better to release it now rather than delay it further to continue testing.

We have a few small tweaks to some of the gem optimization to make still, but it shouldn’t make a noticeable impact for most people.


Note: if you have purchased the Classic optimizer in the last couple of weeks thinking it was the TBC optimizer, please contact us via email (from our support page Support - Ask Mr. Robot), and we’ll happily switch you from Classic to the TBC optimizer.

Works great, thanks!


There was an error reading the provided addon data.

This what I get when trying use use the new TBC part :frowning:
And yes I paid for TBC :slight_smile: thx for all you guys hard work.

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i get the same error, is there a tbc specific version or is the classic version the one to use with the tbc optimizations?

Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot - this is the site i go to to paste the string from the addon. to clarify: is there a tbc specific addon that should be installed or is the classic addon used to obtain the string pasted to the above site?

i am not the most computer literate person on the planet but this seems to be a rather basic question.


I am also receiving the same error. Thanks for the dedication and hard work.

same error

$3;US;Skeram;Huullk;Time is Money;1;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;PALADIN;0000000000000000000005305133500021025215510500500020000000000000;.q1;13965s14;9238s18;4332s10;204s3x28461y2;249s15;54s13;125s9x7;13s1x-9e2999;82s5;54s17;91s12;777s7x0y9z-7;1s16;134s6x-2y0;4s11;2s8;11s2;.inv;6948;3507;667;282;860;73;192;99;4159;246;0;0;0;1989;98;321;1736;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;1652;3;360;9;895;325;80;514f11;418;30;12;24;40;176;102;11;214;1467;351;0;0;0;0;0;32;33;11;175;185;5;154;103;609;42;526;523;1202;1082;5734$

Same error here too:

$3;US;Atiesh;Monza;UwU Check;5;1;70;0:0;1;.s1;MAGE;2500050300230150330125000000000000000000000000535002012200010000000;.q1;21846s6x24047y0;1s10x0y0e2937;1s5x0y0e-276;2414s7x0y0z0e87;4s1x0y0z0e254;3913s8x0y0e-2538;494s18;459s14;21s16e2205;87s9;33s17;13s12e259;83s15;1s13;1555s3e67;413s2;1s11e-67;.inv;3944;1;1;1;2;1;1;520;28;1157;1292;2292;1936;578;1086;1;5;665;33;479;129;189;2;1861;816;0;11;1;0;24;0;0;1722;1781;1;189;0;0;1091;0;29x28461y0e2994;8;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;5;111;112;340;0;0;0;0;0;3;14;62;48;1;1;1;1;1;1;251;3;0;0;740;568;106;4x-4414;21;210x4414y0z0e-1850;935;17;0;38;56;279;133;39;65;0;1419;46;230x5y-5e1850;100;156e0;109;8;63x-4414;9;95x0y4510e8;60x-96y0z0;4x-4414y0z0e-341;113;100e267;3;0;621;138x4414y0e6;13;104;302;44;33;548;170x-4405y7811z0e-186;19;260;121;143;39;184;164;212;25;52;317;475;360;0;3;1157;0;0;0;4171;146632;6$

Are you perhaps using the Classic web page and not the TBC web page? You’ll get an error if you try to import these strings on the classic page, but I am able to import them on the TBC page without any issue.

I am getting the error too, what addon should I be using? I am using the Classic one.

on the tbc site

Hi, maybe there is a problem because we already used AMR for this character on classic ?

I can import the strings above with no problem, but i cant import my own string

That could be possible – I’ll try to reproduce the issue on my test server and get it fixed soon.

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I was able to load the Mage as well but not my toon.

just for the sake of completion,

i have the same issue on both my Hunter and Paladin Exports which i also used for Classic Optimization before TBC.

I was able to load the Exports of the Posters above me.



Had a problem loading, but changed the string to say US instead of EU and it worked. Is it possible to make it so you can toggle heroic dungeons on and off in the upgrade finder?

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nice worked for me aswell

edit: nvm i think he just solved the problem, import is working now tyvm

I posted an update that should resolve the issue with loading characters – let me know if you continue to have any problems.

Note that once you load a character in the TBC optimizer, it won’t let you “go back” and use the Classic optimizer – not that anyone would really want to, so probably not a big deal.

We can add a distinction between normal and heroic dungeon drops… that might take a little bit to gather the drop information though.

I get this Error on my Rog, on my paladin its working