TBC Classic Optimizer is under development

today I paid $10 for “classic” upgrade thinking it included TBC, since I am ONLY playing TBC, will U pls credit my “classic” upgrade to the coming TBC upgrade as I have zero interest in playing “classic” OR a simple refund will do

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We handle account issues over email. Send us an email and we will refund the classic purchase so you can get TBC when we release it.

I really loved your classic AMR.
Any update on the TBC Version (days/weeks/months)?
Is there a way to be notified as soon as it releases?
Will there a beta?

Is there a way to contribute? (I could handle German localization!)

We’re working on it! It is very difficult to give time estimates, so that is why we generally don’t. Part of this still depends on if blizz drops a 9.1 release date announcement on us, since we always prioritize retail updates first. In a perfect world we can finish it before we have to switch to working on 9.1 stuff.

There are lots of things that take work people probably don’t know about - like trying to make sense of all the item data so that we can parse all the items, enchants, gems, etc. correctly. And then we have to figure out a way to rank all of the very specific trinkets and strange items that people want to see show up in rankings.

We will notify people when we put TBC up on this forum, in our discord, and on the website itself. There probably won’t be an official beta for this, we’ll release it and then plan to tweak it as people give feedback the first few weeks of using it.

I appreciate the offer for localization - that is something that has long been on our “stretch” list of things we’d like to do, but we have never had the time to set up the code for the site for localization.

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are we there yet?

Its time to make big blog spot to explain ppl that tbc version is under development to do not ask about it every 2 posts :smiley:

Will there be compensation for the classic subscription that we can no longer use while Mr. Robot is being updated to TBC. It would be very helpful in leveling to 70.

It is a bit disturbing, that we do not have it while we level, and we paid for a subscription that we can no longer use. (Yes, I could remain in Classic, but the game moved to TBC. )

Then after the need has passed, you will ask for additional fees to upgrade to TBC.

I have been with Mr. Robot for years, and subscribe because it helps. It is not helping at this time.

you guys should start working on WOTLK right after tbc and 9.1 … get ahead of things

If you bought a classic subscription recently, intending to use it for TBC, contact us and we will refund it so you can buy TBC instead when we release it.

We have never officially supported optimization of characters that are not max level. For TBC, we only officially support optimizing level 70 characters - the results for characters lower than 70 would only be of minor usefulness. In general we make the site “work” for lower level characters in that you can load the character and get some sort of result… but it has never been something we put much focus into. All the calculations use values appropriate for level 70.

I know folks want to have the optimizer to use right away, but we weren’t sure we were going to make it until recently. From a financial perspective, it is a risky project for us to undertake, so we had to wait closer to the launch to really gauge the potential interest. It will be available pretty soon, we’re working on it!

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Hooray, thank you so much

First of all, I would like to make a request regarding the TBC Optimizer, specifically for tanks (in my case, a paladin tank). I know that in Vanilla Classic, there was a simple bar to adjust DPS/TPS vs. Mitigation as well as an option to force certain stats, e.g., 9% Hit, X amount of fire resistance, etc. I loved all of that. Given that hitting the crush cap (becoming uncrushable) is very important for all tanks in BC and the crit cap (becoming uncritable) is very important for warrior and paladin tanks in BC, would you please also add the option to force those outcomes first and then adjust DPS/TPS vs. Mitigation a la Vanilla Classic? If so, please keep in mind that the paladin values would be based on Holy Shield active + Libram of Repentance equipped if present. You guys have the best product available, and please keep up the great work!

Also, just to address some of the frustration posted above, as a longtime Mr. Robot subscriber and advocate who has played retail on and off since launch and who played Vanilla Classic and is now playing exclusively on BC Classic, it can feel a little bit like us Classic players are being “punished” with an extra fee to play an older version of the game. That said, I do understand that there are development costs, and I personally would prefer to see those distributed amongst all the player base by a marginal increase to the annual fee. I will also say that it cannot be ruled out that the lack of Classic subscriptions you all mentioned was as a direct result of how long it look for Mr. Robot Classic to come out via launch vis-a-vis when Mr. Robot is perceived as being most needed, i.e., the gearing up process. I would also implore you to please prioritize the BC launch of Mr. Robot over some pending “SoonTM” release of 9.1. The energy on the BC Classic servers is intense, and I would argue greater than on Retail (especially right now), and I think you’d make more $$$ getting that BC version out ASAP and including it with a slightly increased annual sub for all than you would with the current retail-focus (need I say bias? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and look, I get it, you have to follow the money to some extent) that you’ve had up until now.

The reality of the matter is that starting with BC content, the need for tools like Mr. Robot really intensifies, and the demand will also. Unfortunately, the failure to capitalize fully on the opportunity presented by Classic, BC, etc. by having the Optimizer ready to go out the start gates (which the community, rightly or wrongly, perceives as “should be easier because it’s a known game”) has been a missed opportunity for Mr. Robot. That said, there are those of us on Classic realms still advocating for Mr. Robot, and whatever you all can do to get the level of support in place is only going to further the growth and thriving of the service. Thanks again for your continued dedication and support!


I just think some people love to moan. The classic implementation went far beyond what I was expecting for the fee charged. To know that the the same feature-rich experience is planned for TBC is just great, keep up the good work.

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I think we can provide some options for hitting the defensive thresholds that are popular in BC.

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Honestly not releasing it on launch of classic probably hurt them greatly because by the time it launched on classic people were already mostly bis for the current phase, and had bis list for the subsequent phases.

The longer they wait on releasing it for TBC the more likely that happens again so they then lose out on money that would have gone to them which would have reduced the need for an additional fee.

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My decision on all of this is pretty simple. I won’t subscribe until this product is worth subscribing too. Which means no $$ from me for its development. Nothing personal…

As someone else said, this should have been an easy win win for the product. TBC is a known game. Given the focus and amount of people in the TBC game right now, the developers sure must be kicking themselves!

As one of the long time Classic users, I am really looking forward to this. It’s so easy to find BiS lists that are way different and I need something like AMR to really find the right choices. Hopefully it’s very soon. Let me know if you want help testing some how.

My initial plan for dealing with tank avoidance is something like this (gotta dust off my memory, I played all of BC as a Bear tank back in the day):

  1. Add option to go for crit immunity. This will be enabled by default for warriors, paladins, and druids. Some druids may opt to turn this off… but I doubt any warrior/paladin would want to turn this off.

  2. Add option to go for “active” crush immunity. This is mainly for protection paladins with holy shield active, and will be enabled by default. It is not relevant for warriors because it is trivial with shield block, and not relevant for druids because they have no active ability that matters for this.

  3. Add option to go for “passive” crush immunity, i.e. when holy shield or shield block are not up. This is an option for any tank spec, and will be disabled by default for all tank specs. It can be done with each tank spec, but it’s not a very good idea usually – the sacrifices to other stats to reach this aren’t a good trade-off. But the option will be here just in case someone wants to go for it for fun.

So in summary the “default” behavior for each tank spec will be:

Warrior: go for crit immunity, then go for whatever our calculations determine will make you toughest (or increase your threat the most, depending on your settings)

Paladin: go for crush immunity while holy shield is active, then go for whatever our calculations determine will make you toughest (or increase your threat the most, depending on your settings)

Druid: go for crit immunity, then go for whatever our calculations determine will make you toughest (or increase your threat the most, depending on your settings)

Note that we’ll have a Sunwell Radiance setting as well that is factored into all of these settings, though that won’t come into play until later.


I’ve used Askmrrobot for years and have always found it to be an incredibly valuable tool. I’m happy to support you guys for any dev you do and appreciate all the hard work it takes to build and manage something like this. Thank you, and looking forward to the TBC version - I’ll be subscribed throughout!


10 days in, any timeline or when this will even come to fruition.


It is hard to give exact time estimates. Sometimes we get stuck on something that is harder than expected, so we don’t like to post any schedules.

We are actively working on it right now, trying to finish as fast as we can.