TBC Classic Optimizer is under development

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

It’s funny. I think AMR first came out when TBC came out, didn’t it? I found AMR because I could not figure out what gems to buy!

Our first website was a DK simulator during wotlk. Then in cata we made the optimizer that picked optimal gems/reforges based on stat weights that people entered. We first made our full-featured simulator in Legion. We’ve… been doing this for a while, heh.

Yo, I wonder if you can add an vs undead and vs demon option. Seems pretty self-explanatory. I have all this gear in my bag…need a viable sim. Soon.

Is there a way to keep us posted on milestones you guys are going through? It doesn’t need any dates or anything, but things you guys are working on and needs to be done before the official release. That way, it will at least give us a sense of how “soon” it will be released.

The biggest variable is still the 9.1 release date. If that ends up being soon, e.g. end of June, then we have to split time and that will slow things down. If that ends up being later, e.g. middle or end of July, then there is a high probability we’ll have TBC done before we need to turn to that.

Sounds like we shouldn’t expect the TBC version until July at the earliest. I’m just going to have to fill my bags up with gear so I don’t throw anything good away before then!

We’re getting there – we could use a little help with some testing! I made another thread with details:

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