TBC Classic Optimizer is under development

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

It’s funny. I think AMR first came out when TBC came out, didn’t it? I found AMR because I could not figure out what gems to buy!

Our first website was a DK simulator during wotlk. Then in cata we made the optimizer that picked optimal gems/reforges based on stat weights that people entered. We first made our full-featured simulator in Legion. We’ve… been doing this for a while, heh.

Yo, I wonder if you can add an vs undead and vs demon option. Seems pretty self-explanatory. I have all this gear in my bag…need a viable sim. Soon.

Is there a way to keep us posted on milestones you guys are going through? It doesn’t need any dates or anything, but things you guys are working on and needs to be done before the official release. That way, it will at least give us a sense of how “soon” it will be released.

The biggest variable is still the 9.1 release date. If that ends up being soon, e.g. end of June, then we have to split time and that will slow things down. If that ends up being later, e.g. middle or end of July, then there is a high probability we’ll have TBC done before we need to turn to that.

Sounds like we shouldn’t expect the TBC version until July at the earliest. I’m just going to have to fill my bags up with gear so I don’t throw anything good away before then!

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We’re getting there – we could use a little help with some testing! I made another thread with details:

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Blizzard just announced 9.1 for June 29, with the raid July 6, 1 week after that.

So we’ll have to split time with TBC and 9.1 over the next 3 weeks. This means that most likely we’ll have the TBC optimizer ready for use sometime in mid-July. It really depends on how long it takes to get 9.1 working – it’s a pretty large patch with some new systems, so it will probably take a bit of work.

Too bad they didn’t delay 9.1 by another week or two… then we could probably have had the TBC optimizer out next week. But so it goes… just gotta roll with it!

if it can come out next week? June 29 is still 11 days away. So? lol :upside_down_face:

Heh, next week was going to be a stretch - we’ve been working pretty non-stop. I was able to get through all the caster DPS and Rogues so far. I’ll keep plugging away at it in parallel with the 9.1 update. Trying to finish Hunters today before I have to switch to implementing all those new legendary items and shard of domination powers for 9.1.

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real unfortunate. By mid-july anyone raiding since week 2 will be almost entirely phase 1 bis and will have used pawn to determine what upgrades to get before then.

Making this all but useless except for alts. unfortunate

Kind of why i posted originally back on march 31st because the initial release is where you would have gotten the most use out of a tbc amr. is what it is now though

I agree that having it sooner rather than later would be great, but I disagree with it being most important during the first few weeks. In the first while EVERYTHING is an upgrade. It’s once you think you are good that AMR is best at telling you that you could be better.

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Is there a beta we can use right now?

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I actually agree with him, any chance we could have a beta release even if not all classes are implemented?

Unfortunately, no :frowning: Yellowfive and I work in parallel on the project - I create all the scoring functions while he gets the gear data and optimization part working. I have the scoring functions working for the classes and specs I mentioned, but we don’t have the optimizer actually working yet.

Any chance you’d consider releasing a version that does nothing but autolog TBC raids until the rest is ready? I’ve been using the Classic version to log Naxxramas runs in TBC and I’ve always enjoyed that feature, but I forgot I had to manually do Karazhan & etc or get something else.


I am totally with this guy’s opinion on how your gearing options work on the optimizer when weighting stats like mitigation vs dps. Your optimizer does it so i can make gear sets based on what im doing at the time whether tanking or out farming/dpsing.

This is why your addon/optimizer is so important to for example a prot paladin.

Machanics like, crit imunity, crush imnunity, mitrigation, hit cap and so on would be a big plus for AMR. On the other side does retail not really need AMR as the the higher item level usually wins and there are no concepts like crit imunity or hit.