TBC Classic Shadowpriest offhand


The site suggest Karaborian Talisman as bis offhand, but at the same time when looking into it and clicking the offhand it shows Orb of the Soul-Eater as a 0.69% upgrade.

The ranked lists might not always pick the item at the top, since those are ranked individually. When looking at the entire set of gear as a whole, it can sometimes be more optimal to pick a different item.

It does not seem to change with fight length though, that Karaborian Talisman is choosen over Orb of the Soul-Eater.

If it’s unclear what I talk about, here is a screenshot (180sec fight, stock settings)

Yeah, I see what you are talking about - I’ll see if we can get the optimizer to pick the slightly better weapon setup. It is a real huge pain to deal with two handed weapons vs main hand/off hand combos.

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