TBC Classic wrong/broken for BM hunter

Hi, I am glad to see the TBC AMR tool is now live and am trying the free test before I buy. Unfortunately it seems broken in places, or things are not coded in, or maybe we as players were mislead over the years. Anyway, the 3 things are:

  1. AMR thinks my bow has no enchant, and recommends me the scope I already actually have (see screenshots).

  2. AMR doesnt seem to know that Adamantite weightstones apply to ranged weapons, so recommends me an epic 2hander with higher stats over the commonly recognised 2x fist weapons with weightstones (12 wep damage and 14 critical hit), for 24 wep damage and 28 crit. This might be incorrect on the communty’s part, I dont know, but its what we always did: fist weps with weghtsone over 2hander unless melee weaving as 30 agil (15 on each fist enchant) + the weightstones (which apply to ranged weaps) is always better than a 2hander.

  3. AMR tells me to drop below 9% hit to 8.88% (I disabled the moonkin improved faerie fire debuff as we dont always have it). I thought it was always paramount to get hit capped over everything.

Any help/explanation appreciated!

EDIT: TESTED THE STONES, THEY DO APPLY! (See screenshots at bottom)

String: $3;EU;Shazzrah;Nobbo;DangerzoneExtreme;7;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;HUNTER;5020120052501224310510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000;.q1;27474s10x24028y33e2564;287s12;40s3x0y-33e419;45s16x6528y-6501e-419;79s11;11s7e446;98s14;194s5x-27y0z27e-349;47s1x7813y541e342;40s17e-439;139s9e-971;91s8x-9312y954e1064;111s6;16s15e-2289;100s18e2356;609s2;2s13;.inv;774;44;388;323;176;5;1060;0;0;1;0;1;0;0;4;59;0;1;0;0;2;0;3;60;674;0;1;158;1;123;2;0;0;4;562;183;1056;1283;130;2;829;1;2;1328;1065;817;109;523;999;456;237;0;77;1615;3884;702;834;1;1;181;1;6;67;1062;5;567;2;70;51;4;0;2;251;3;740;286;282;67;158;56;1112;174;1;0;113e2792;116;41;66;1371;83;2;3;42;119;0;0;0;0;112;84;0;0;0;0;0;14;14;20;87;37;68;2;69x28459e-1199;152;69;132;34;29;2;85;114;39;291;91;50e0;24;73;1;25e-1225;52;17;0;0;0;0;284;61;562;224;9;256;13;214;3;36;5;427;129;1;71;203;0;8;945;0;3;5328;146632;6$


I applied one to one fist wep and it works

We’ll take a look at the weapon enchants and stones to make sure they are getting applied properly. The melee weapons for hunters are tough to deal with in the optimizer.

For hit rating: it is ok to be slightly under. The optimal solution will almost never go slightly over. Keep in mind that enemies will still dodge 6.5% of your attacks. Being exactly at or over the cap won’t reduce that. If you are at 8.88% hit, you will miss/be dodged 6.62% of the time. That won’t be a noticeable difference to you in game.

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I’ll fix the issue with ranged weapon enchants not getting imported in the next update.

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Thanks. Can I ask why melee weapons are tough to deal with for hunters in the optimizer? I have a software engineering background myself so you can go somewhat hardcore if needed.

Regarding hit rating, the entire point is minimising the chance to miss. I run with exactly 142 hit rating as you can see, and I of course do not want to be over that. It is a noticeable difference when you miss, trust me. What I thought was that there must be a “sweet spot” for each hit amount where you can drop below the cap with a sufficient amount of agil/ap etc to mitigate the dps loss. But as far as I know, that has never been the case in tbc theorycrafting. It also means that in clutch moments, like when you use Misdirect, and have basically 3 shots to pull aggro onto the tank, if one misses, you lost a 3rd of potential threat, so I don’t really follow the logic here.

There are too many combinations of two hand, one hand/off hand combo to brute force it, so the list has to be pruned in some way beforehand. Finding a good way to prune out options without removing something potentially useful is difficult. And then dealing with the value changing because of having one 2h weapon enchant vs two one hand weapon enchants adds another layer of difficult. So many choices to go through.

The optimizer is really good at finding the optimal amount of hit rating to get. Getting exactly to the hit cap was already falling out of favor by the end of TBC back in the day. People finally figured out that being exactly hit-capped wasn’t a big deal necessarily. If the score is higher getting exactly to the cap, the optimizer will do it, otherwise it won’t. My example was to show that you will still get some of those bad-feeling “misses” whether you are exactly at the cap or not.

Ok, thanks for the explanation on the melee weaps. I don’t know which algorithm you use for testing combinations, nor what optimisations you use to quickly prune, but I think if you add a priority to remain for fist weapons (unique to hunters as they are “blunt” weapons and thus allow the application of weightstones) should help…assuming they actually do help of course.

Regarding the hit rating. I will try a lower rating it if you can get the weightstone part factored in before my trial is up. An MD miss on a boss like nightbane is pretty critical though.

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