TBC Compare/Sim different specs?

Will a feature be added to be able to compare sim dps based on my current gear in different specs?

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We don’t have plans right now to make a feature that picks talents.

While that would also be nice, I was just looking to compare 2 specs to see which one would sim higher. Like if a lot of my gear had crit on it, I’d be curious to run a sim as 2 different talent builds. But maybe this would be equally as challenging to implement.

We didn’t build our models of the specs to act as a “simulator” with the purpose of showing people how much dps they can do - we built them specifically to compare gear. That distinction might not mean much to you - but it actually is a bit of a big deal as far as implementing a feature like you are requesting.

I’m a little wary of going down that path for the classic stuff - it does add quite a bit of work.

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Makes sense and understandable. Thanks!