TBC _ Crit Immune not Working

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Apparently the customize function “Crit Immune” isn’t working properly.


I followed AMR on the enchants and gems, but I’m still not hitting Crit Immune.


This is the WA’s coding for calculating Crit Immune. It already considers the Feral Talent for Tanking.


  local def_skill = math.floor(GetCombatRatingBonus(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL))
  local def_crit_reduction = def_skill*0.04
  local resil_crit_reduction = GetCombatRatingBonus(CR_RESILIENCE_CRIT_TAKEN)

  local def_skill_required = math.ceil((2.6-resil_crit_reduction)/0.04)
  local required_def_skill_aquired_at = math.ceil(def_skill_required*2.3653)
  local current_def_rating = math.ceil(def_skill*2.3653)
  local def_rating_delta = required_def_skill_aquired_at-current_def_rating;

  local resil_required = math.ceil((2.6-def_crit_reduction)/0.0254)
  local current_resil_rating = math.ceil(resil_crit_reduction/0.0254)
  local resil_delta = resil_required-current_resil_rating

  local color = "|cFFaeffac"
  if def_rating_delta > 0 or resil_delta > 0 then
    color = "|cFFffacac"

   return string.format("Uncrittable At%s\n   Defence %+3d\nResilience %+3d", color, def_rating_delta, resil_delta)

--  return string.format(" def_skill %f\n def_skill_required %f\n required_def_skill_aquired_at %f\n current_def_rating %f\n def_rating_delta %f\n resil_required %f\n current_resil_rating %f\n resil_delta %f\n", def_skill, def_skill_required, required_def_skill_aquired_at, current_def_rating, def_rating_delta, resil_required, current_resil_rating, resil_delta)


So in that solution, you have:

  • 3 points in SotF, for -3% chance to be crit
  • 27 resilience, 39.423080 resilience gives -1% chance to be crit, so about -0.684878% chance to be crit
  • 115 defense rating (105 from gear, 10 from flask of fortification), 2.365385 gives 1 defense skill, for 48 defense (it truncates), and 0.04% reduced chance to be crit per skill, for -1.92% chance to be crit

Add it up: -5.604878% chance to be crit. You have a 5.6% chance to be crit when fighting a raid boss, so you are exactly crit immune.

I think the 10 defense from the flask accounts for the difference you were seeing. I can update the stat display to include that in its total for clarity.

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First and foremost, thank you.
I totally forgot I had Flask selected. Thank you for clarification and patience :slight_smile: