TBC Crush Immune


It appears the Crush Immune requirement isn’t working, I’m currently less than a percent above crush immune with Holy Shield active and AMR is suggesting I remove another 10% avoidance, dropping me way below the cap.

I’ll take a look. From what I’m seeing here, you are nowhere near crush immune in your current gear. I’ll take a look at our code - we may ignore the restriction if there is no way to get reasonably close to it with the available gear.

Image 021
With Holy Shield active I’m definitely Crush Immune, 102.73% total avoidance

I think there was an issue with the value of libram of repentance getting counted twice (it got parsed as both static stats and a special effect). I fixed that and it should rank better now. You will need to re-import your character or change a setting, then re-optimize.

Note: you rarely need to specify both crit immune and crush immune in your custom thresholds… crush immune should cover crit immune unless you only have really unusual gear available to you.

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