TBC Disholy DPS strategy needed

I’m a DisHoly healer who would like AMR to be able to set up a DPS set for when I’m out in the wild questing. I did this in classic but only a healing strategy is currently available in TBC. Extremely happy TBC is up and running just wondering if there is a work around or if this is part of the work in progress?? Thanks!

So you want an optimization for doing damage as a not-shadow priest?

Yes, I call it my “In the Wild” set. For when I as a healer go off questing or farming, in classic I would put on my damage gear (admittedly maybe a 4 item swap) and AMR kept track of it for me, told me if a trickle down piece of armour was worth bag space and gave me an easy way to swap between sets. I can’t do that in TBC AMR but I would like to. I love playing and I hate gear sorting and value Mr Robot’s opinion.

You don’t need to be super optimized for that situation. If you switch the site to shadow spec and then run the optimization with whatever talents you are using, the results will be fine for what you are looking for. The only nuance is that you’ll want to exclude items that give only shadow spell power - but there are only a couple of those.

Doing that should be good for what you are trying to do.

Thank you! That’s the kind of work around I was looking for.