TBC - Enhance Shaman - Strength vs AP

It seems that AMR is always recommending AP vs Strength.

For example. Kaylaan’s signet vs Overseer’s Signet, it’s recommending Kaylaan’s. Same hit, same AGI, only difference is 25STR vs 50 AP. 25STR is 50AP, and scales with BoK, so Overseer’s should always be preferred.

Likewise, all red gems it is recommending are 16AP vs 8STR. Am I missing the logic behind those choices?

You’re not. The EP-value of AP would always 0.5 of Str without Kings, and 0.45 with Kings. Are you sure you added Kings as a buff?

You should probably add the snapshot ID, before they ask for it.

I would have to see your case to give a more detailed answer. In theory with the last site update I made it always favor strength gems over attack power gems for shamans. (If you actually enable Blessing of Kings, it would never pick AP over strength, this change was for the case when they score the same.)

You can make a snapshot by following the instructions here:

Thanks for replying.

Today, STR does seem to be favored, with and without Kings selected as a raid buff…so not sure why I was seeing that behavior last night (and the past few days). I would think worth noting for Enh Shaman across the board, Kings or no Kings, STR should be favored. That said, it is still recommending Assault bracer enchant (24 AP) over Brawn (12 STR) with or without BoK.

Here’s the snapshot ID: adb51277017a4a24b828eab071b2e812

Thanks so much for such a great addon!

Thanks I’ll take a look – I don’t think that I put the same logic in for enchants and items with all identical stats except for strength x2 vs AP as I did for gems. I can put that on the list.

I would recommend turning on Blessing of Kings though if you are planning on having it some of the time, since it could cause a minor shift in the optimization other than strength vs. AP.

Just updated some gear and it’s still recommending Kaylaan’s Signet over the Overseer’s Signet despite same base stats as enhance, and clearly as Enhance I’d prefer 25STR in all cases over 50AP (regardless of BoK). It’s correctly recommending STR gems, now, regardless of BoK. Here’s that snapshot: d8ebe5772536436983243773db3a47e4

Noted Re: Kings, will make that my default set for sure.