TBC Enhancement Shaman Best in Slot not picking the best items

For BiS Main Hand it is picking Demonblood Eviscerator. Yet there are 35 weapons better then it in the drop down.
This is repeated for 6 other slots as well. If I go through a lock the better items, the upgrade % goes from +27.12% to +43.11%. Why is it not picking the better items?

We are working on this issue

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Even when I select Phase 5 and select all the raids it still selects Resonating Axe for the off hand. There are over 70 weapons better at this point.

This is running into a problem because you don’t have the dual-wield talent chosen. The enhancement calculations right now assume that you can dual wield, but since you can’t equip anything in the off hand, it is being ignored in the calculations, causing a weird case. You should change your talents to a true enhance build and this will clear itself up. I’ll have to think about whether or not I’m going to “handle” it or not when people don’t have that talent.

Thanks that fixed it. Forgot that I tried an alternate build. :slightly_smiling_face: