TBC Enhancement Shaman suggested different speed weapons

Is there a way to force same-speed weapons for Enhancement? I’m fairly sure that having different speed weapons should also never be optimal, but if it could be forced, then that would solve the problem.

Thanks very very much for TBC!

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I have a calculation that pushes more of the WF procs towards the faster weapon based on the mismatch in weapon speed (which would reduce the overall value of windfury procs for that weapon setup the farther apart the weapon speeds are). So, the weapons that are chosen should be good. If you have a specific case that you think is off, post a snapshot id and I can take a look.

The Flurry ICD mentioned in the other thread I believe is the primary reason for same-speed synced weapon swings. With different speed weapons, one would be spending the entire time re-syncing them, which would be less fun. :slight_smile: