TBC Frost Mage Gear recommendations

SnapshotID: 9ac9a9119e8646b5a51d5f60a20bd0b6

The gear recommendations for a Frost Mage seem a little bizarre. It is recommending I replace my Astralaan Headdress of the Invoker helm with the quest Spectracles item and my Torc of the Sethekk Prophet with my old Drakefist Amulet (neck).

Any thoughts?

Something is up with that Spectracles item - for now exclude it from the optimizer and I think that fixes the issues. @yellowfive, who writes the optimizer code, would have to look as to why the optimizer gets stuck on it. He’s on vacation right now, though.

Thank you, @Swol, What about the Torc of the Sethekk Prophet with the Drakefist Amulet? That too is a head scratcher… @yellowfive?

When I loaded this snapshot, it didn’t try to swap that one out. I see this:

And then if I exclude Spectracles:

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