TBC Gem Updates

Gems in TBC were kind of a mess… we have added a few features to help people customize the optimizer a bit more and sort through the hundreds of different gems available.

Exclude Gems

You can now exclude gems from optimization like you can exclude enchants.

Include Unique Gems

This option is a checkbox available on Best in Bags and Best in Slot. By default, we won’t use unique-equipped gems in optimizations. You can turn this on to include them. Unique-equipped gems come from sources like dungeons, PvP vendor, JC-only crafted gems, and a few others.


There is now a filter box at the top of the gem list. Here are some example filters you can use:

  • “red” – show only red gems
  • “unique” – show only unique gems
  • “strength” – show only gems with strength on them

Optimizer Tweaks

We have made a few tweaks to gem optimization:

  • If a strength gem would give the same value as an attack power gem, we’ll always favor that over attack power.
  • We have added phase and faction restrictions for many gems where it was missing. We had to guess at the phase on a couple because they came out in patches between the major phases. We’ll adjust as necessary depending on what Blizzard does.
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