TBC Guardian Druid Gear issue


AMR suggest to use “Idol of Ursoc” over “Idol of Brutality”

In practice apears the “Idol of Brutality” way more efficient. The agro and dps increase for Lacerate is very small. How does AMR evaluate the oprions for the ranged slot?

My calculations show that you end up getting more damage from the Idol of Ursoc overall. Idol of Brutality could be better if you have so much rage you are replacing every auto attack with Maul, but in my calculations that isn’t happening.

Its a Patchwork simulation, right? What about swipe and 3 targets? Still less damage?

Swipe with three targets might change it up. We do the calculations for single target right now.

Question, do you account for Swipe’s threat scaling with AP whereas Lacerate is a fixed amount?

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Yes, we account for that. The idol’s contribution to swipe is not affected by the AP scaling, so that wouldn’t apply in this discussion.