TBC holy paladin stats?


Was wondering why it recommends int and mp5 so hard? I thought +healing was the best stat, like that’s what the guides say on sites like Icy Veins. I thought maybe it was because of the fight length so I lowered it a bit and its still saying gem and enchant int. Is it because I’m missing several pieces of holy gear? I was surprised its so down on the Scarab of the Infinite Cycle.

The calculations figure out how to get maximum healing from your available mana in the available time. If you shorten the fight length a lot, such that mana isn’t a problem, then it will prefer the +healing items. Once you run out of mana, +healing is of no use!

If I add in mana consumables and reduce the fight length a lot, I see it switch over to not wanting mp5, as expected. If you are running out of mana in a fight at your gear level, using stats to get more mana is a more efficient use of item budget.

Can I ask a new question? So I am confused on why it shows emberspur talisman as worse than necklace of eternal hope for holy paladin, like the emberspur talisman has more healing and mp5. Why is int itself valued so highly? is it the small amount of crit it gives you? I remember back in TBC and all the guides say to get more healing power.

Intellect gives you maximum mana and mana regen. If you run out of mana in a fight, you’ll use the 5 second rule to get some back, so the regen is used a little bit. Just having more mana to begin with is also useful. It’s all taken into account in the calculations.