TBC _ Hunter BIS Gear P1

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Good evening!

I have the feeling there is something wrong with the gearing strategy used by AMR on BIS gear for Hunters, at least for P1.

Without locking any item. DPS Improve of 1.31%

When I lock Skulker’s Greaves. DPS improve of 2.11%

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Also, the fact that AMR isn’t selecting Scaled Greaves when I enable World Bosses is a bit concerning.

Even without World Bosses enabled. Skulker’s Greaves should be the #1 choice.

Set bonuses are difficult to deal with sometimes, so the optimizer can get stuck and not check a few potential setups that would be better. We try our best to make the optimizer always get within 1% of the absolute best setup that could potentially be found. Considering how many setups of gear it has to go through, that is what we have found is the best trade-off between speed and accuracy. Bute-forcing it to always, always get the perfect answer would take a very long time to calculate.

We can plug this example into the our development version and see if there is a way to improve it without slowing things down too much.

I’ll try messing around with it a bit… the results are pretty close either way though, still well within a range that would be near impossible to discern in-game.

The problems with optimization algorithms is that improving one case can often make another worse, so it takes a little while to test out alternative techniques.

It’s all good. I can tinker with it on my own. It is actually good to know there is 1% margin.

On another note. this might deviate from the thread, but do you guys account for Diminishing Return on Haste? The reason I’m asking is that if I choose to use Haste Pot, AMR drops my Abacus (AP + Haste on Use) and chooses my Bladefist Breadth in its place (Crit & AP on Use).

We calculate an estimated DPS value for each setup that we test. If haste does diminish in value, that will be taken into account.

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