TBC Hunter _ Haste Undervalued // No Weightstone // Suggestions

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This isn’t right. What sort of rotation are you guys considering for Hunters? Melee Weave or Only Ranged? The feeling I have from this is that you are considering the weapon’s DPS which shouldn’t be the case unless you Melee Weave.

So far, there is a common knowledge that Fist Weapons are BIS for Hunter because Adamantite Weightstone also increases Ranged Damage, unlike its counterpart, the Sharpening Stone, that only gives you the crit effect.

Also, a few things I have noticed after playing around with it for a bit.

#1 This option is NOT available.

#1 This is the ONLY option available.

#2 Pretty sure you are undervaluing Haste at this point. DST is pretty much BIS for Hunters until Sunwell.


#3 Suggestion, if possible, add the gems you want to use like the image below.

#4 Suggestion, if possible, add Pet Buffs

#5 Suggestion, you can stack Hunter’s in a single group, thus double or tripling the effect of Ferocious Inspiration. I’m assuming that AMR only considers your own buff if you select Ferocious Inspiration from the Buffs Menu

Hunter’s SIM: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H7x1BBIC-FFT-VLoj6KcMigNEnmjXyFzWzJ0ib3Y-_g/copy
Hunter’s Rotation Source: TBC Hunter rotation overview | rotationtools

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We are going to add in the weightstones as an option in an update soon. We are not considering melee-weaving at this time, so the DPS of the melee weapons is not a consideration.

I can double-check that the haste trinkets are being accounted for properly. There is a chance that some of those are only giving “haste” and not also “ranged haste”.

Ferocious Inspiration is only applied once - but it is a flat % damage multiplier so that doesn’t affect the gear optimization either way, only the final DPS number. Our site is only concerned with the relative value of items, not the absolute DPS number.

I believe Aspect of The Hawk and Aspect of The Viper are both missing from the raid buffs as well. These are important for gearing out specific fights (ex. Nightbane) when you opt for the mp5.

I have some logic in the code to switch to aspect of the viper if you become mana-limited in a fight, as needed.

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So, is 2H weapon being compared with only the MH’s stat or MH and OH combined? Because I don’t see any scenario where Gorehowl is better than anything, especially for hunters. Also, Gorehowl is considered a sharp weapon so the weightstone doesn’t favor a Hunter.

Another point, I don’t think there is a difference between Melee Haste or Ranged Haste, it is just straight up Haste that affects Cast time, Melee Swings and Ranged attack speed.

Two handed weapons get compared to mh/oh combos of weapons. We’re working on code to handle the different weapon consumables. I thought yellow added the weightstones today, but I don’t see them in the list yet so I’ll follow up on that.

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Any chance you could set up the Upgrade Finder to consider Weapons with the appropriate Weightstone? For example, when you compare the weapon, compare it with the weighstone effect added to it, the reason you want fist weapons, as mentioned several times is the effect from its weighstone.

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My biggest issue for hunters is that AMR is recommending 16 AP red gems instead of 8 Agility. In what universe does this make sense? In all spec 8 Agil=16AP minimum, plus crit and dodge. This becomes even greater when you get buffed

There’s nothing wrong with that: In TBC hunters only get 1 AP per agility instead of 2 - which was even mentioned in the patch notes for Patch 2.0.1.