TBC Hunter Recommending Intellect Enchants & Gems

I run the sim for BiS Bags for DPS. My hunter is selected as BM, talents chosen, raid buffs selected. Yet the outcome of this sim says I should be selecting Mp5 Gems and Intellect Enchants on every available slot. Clearly something is wrong here. Adding roughly 1300 to my Mana Pool is not the best move here yet the Simulation seems to believe so. I’ve toggled the fight length to various points but theyre all the same: wants me to add mana. This is very silly and would appreciate any help so im not wasting money on a sim that isnt helpful

Use the “Help” link above the BiS gear table to generate a snapshot id. Post the snapshot id and we can help you out.

Hey, i have the same problem. Here is my snapshot ID: 2fe1ac19f3474e28acc281f7d1987e74

Can you please help me?

There is no problem here: you don’t have enough mana, so the optimizer wants to get you more mana. That is often the most efficient use of stats when you are mana-limited. Include raid buffs/debuffs and mana potions if you will use them. Or, shorten the fight length you are optimizing for.

Getting an extra shot off will be worth more than a few extra stats in many cases.

Thanks alot for your quick respond! :slight_smile: