[TBC] Missing hit calculation from talent on boomkin


It seems like the simulator isn’t taking the “Balance of Power” talent into account which is 4% spell hit when 2/2 is taken.

Cause right now with ‘Totem of Wrath’ and ‘Inspiring Presence’ marked it should aim for 8% hit from gear but aims for 12%.


It is taking into account all the talents and buffs. If I look at BiS, it’s getting 103 rating from gear, which is about 8% hit. I’ll have to look at why the character sheet is not showing 16% - it’s supposed to show the final hit rating… it might not include the hit from the talent, but it probably can because that affects all spells.

This is just a display issue on the UI, the optimizer is using the correct values. We’ll fix that in the next update.

That sounds nice. Thanks!