TBC Moonkin Gear Priority Issues

Someone else made a similar post a few days ago, but there was zero traction on it.
AMR is incorrectly prioritizing gear from Moonkins. I could be wrong, but it looks like it’s making you equip your highest item level gear, regardless of it being healing gear or not. Here is a snapshot ID to help with the situation. It could be something I’m overlooking? Or a preset that I cannot adjust but the moderators can adjust/fix.


Thanks for your help!

You are mana-limited, so it is putting that gear on to get more mana. That will end up allowing you to do more damage than stacking spell power. Reduce the length of the fight or add in more mana consumables/buffs if you don’t want to be as mana-limited on a 180 second fight.

One of the ways to mitigate the mana issues that I use is the Alchemist’s stone. The mana gain from the pot use is significant, and solves the mana issue. From my other post, I saw the same thing as being reported here. Now, it is choosing the Alchemist’s stone over “Heavenly Inspiration” which is more accurate

Just as a clarification: we do account for the extra mana from the alchemist stone bonus as long as you have the mana potion consumable selected as well.